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Get photocard

18+ Oyster photocard

As a student on mandatory Placement in London, TfL will need to authorise your application before a photocard can be sent to you.

Please complete all necessary details online, upload your photograph and pay the £20.00 administration fee. When prompted to enter your course dates, please enter the dates on which your Placement in London commences and ends.

Upon completion of your application, you will need your establishment to complete and send TfL a letter (link to template below) that must:

  • be on establishment letter headed paper;
  • confirm that you are enrolled on a full-time course consisting of 15 or more tuition led and/or structured learning hours a week over a period of at least 14 weeks
  • provide details of your Placement, which must be for a minimum period of 14 weeks, and provide the precise dates upon which it starts and ends;
  • be signed by a person in authority i.e, Registrar/Bursar/University Secretary/Head of Student Services.

The letter must be sent to;

Transport for London, Admail 4121, London, SW1P 1AT

Upon receipt, and given that everything is in order, an 18+ Student Oyster photocard will be despatched to you within 24 hours.

Download a template of the Placement establishment letter here (.pdf format)Opens in new window icon

Review the Placement establishment Terms and Conditions Opens in new window icon


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