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Common questions for Oyster photocard applicants

Do I have to register first before I apply for a photocard?

No. When you apply for a photocard online for the first time we'll automatically create your web account for you using the email address you provide.

What can I do with my web account?

You can use your web account to make applications for photocards. You can track the progress of your application(s). You can also report photocard(s) lost, stolen or damaged and order a replacement if you need one, or even just update your photo and order a replacement photocard at anytime without needing to call us.

What is a verification letter?

When you apply for a 5-10, 11-15, 16+ or 60+ Oyster photocard online and don't complete all of the steps online, such as age verification, you can use a verification letter to complete your application in person. All you need to do is print off your verification letter and take it, along with any documentation stated on it, to a Post Office in London. There the Post Office clerk will check your documents and you can pay the application fee. Your application is then updated overnight and your photocard is usually sent to you within 24 hours.

How do I pay?

For the 18+ Student Oyster photocard and Apprentice Oyster photocard schemes you can only pay online using a credit/debit card. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express, Delta and Diners Club credit/debit cards.

For the 5-10, 11-15 and 16+ Zip Oyster photocard schemes and the 60+ London Oyster photocard scheme you can pay online or print a verification letter and pay at the Post Office.


What is the 18+ web account for?

When you apply we will use your details to create an 18+ web account for you. You can use it to check the progress of your application and correct any mistakes online.

If your course is longer than one year, you must log on to your account and confirm your continued eligibility at the start of each academic year.

You can use your account to order a replacement for a lost, stolen or damaged card without having to go through the full application process again.

I am 18 and want to apply for a 16+ Zip Oyster photocard but when my parent/guardian logs into their web account it won't allow them to apply. What should I do?

Applicants aged 18 on 31 August 2016 may be eligible to apply for a 16+ Zip Oyster photocard if they are in full time education and live in a London borough. To do this, you need to create a web account using your name, date of birth and address details and then apply. See for a video on how to apply.

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