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Apply for a photocard

Apprentice Oyster photocard

You'll need to create a web account before you can apply for an Apprentice Oyster photocard. To create a web account you need to provide an active, valid email address.

You'll be able to use your web account to track the status of your application and report your Apprentice Oyster photocard as lost, stolen or damaged and get a replacement.

Applying online

During the online application process you'll be asked to provide:

We'll tell you at each stage of the application process what you need to do.

Confirm you're eligible to apply

You can get an Apprentice Oyster photocard if:

*The Apprenticeship must be SASE compliant (Specification for Apprenticeship Standards in England) and delivered through a further education college or training organisation approved or funded by the Skills Funding Agency.


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