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Important message for 5-10 Zip Oyster photocard holders

If you have not applied for your child's replacement 5-10 Oyster photocard, then you must do so before 15 February 2010. Your child's 5-10 Oyster photocard will be stopped on this date and they will not be able to use it.

Your child does not need a 5-10 Oyster photocard to travel free on buses and trams. However, if they look older than 10 years old, we advise they apply for a replacement 5-10 Oyster photocard.

What you need to do

Please phone us on 0343 222 1234 and choose option 6 (5-10 swapout) to order your child's replacement card. If your child's details have changed (eg address) please advise us of any changes when you phone. Alternatively, if you have not sent back the part-completed form that we sent existing 5-10 Oyster photocard customers during October, then you need to return it to us as soon as possible.

You will not be charged for the replacement 5-10 Oyster photocard.

Why your child needs the new 5-10 Oyster photocard

If your child does not apply for a replacement card, their existing 5-10 Oyster photocard will stop working on 15 February 2010.

Oyster pay as you go is now accepted on National Rail services in London and your child needs the new 5-10 Oyster photocard to ensure they are charged the appropriate fare.

Your child's new 5-10 Oyster photocard will still allow them to travel free on Tube, DLR and London Overground services and at child rate on most National Rail services.

Other Information

If your child is under 11 years old but has an Under-14 or Child Oyster photocard, they will continue to work after 15 February 2010, so do not need to be replaced. The free replacement is only being offered to holders of 5-10 Oyster photocard holders. However, please note that Child and Under-14 Oyster photocards do not allow free travel on Tube, DLR and London Overground services. If your child has one of these Oyster photocards and travels on Tube, DLR or London Overground services they will be charged a child fare.

My child is 10 years 11 months. Should they get a 5-10 Oyster photocard?

No. They should apply for an 11-15 Oyster photocard. Application forms are available from Post Office branches in and around the outskirts of London.

There is a season ticket on my child's current 5-10 Oyster photocard. How do I apply for a refund?

You can apply for a refund of the unused value of any season ticket or pay as you go balance by calling 0343 222 1234.

What if my child loses their replacement 5-10 Oyster photocard?

Only one replacement 5-10 Oyster photocard will be issued free of charge. If your child loses their replacement Oyster photocard, they will have to apply for a duplicate using the Lost and Stolen facility and pay a £10.00 fee. You can do this online at or by phoning 0343 222 1234 and choosing the Lost and Stolen option.


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