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I don't have my Oyster photocard number or application reference number. Can I still get my child's replacement photocard online?
You will need your child's Oyster photocard or Application reference number to apply online, or, if you have previously applied online, use your web account to apply for a replacement. If you need help, call us on 0343 222 1234.

Is there a fee for getting a replacement card online?
There is a fee of £10.00 for all replacement Oyster photocards. This is payable by credit/debit card.

The card I want to order is not the same card I originally applied for. Can I use the Lost, Stolen or Damaged website or should I make a new application?
If your child holds a Child or U14 Oyster photocard and needs a 11-15 or 5-10 Oyster photocard, you can order this via the Lost, Stolen or Damaged website. Opens in new window icon
If your child holds a 5-10 Oyster photocard and they now need a 11-15 photocard, you can apply online Opens in new window icon for this.
If your child holds a 11-15 Oyster photocard and now needs a 16+ Oyster photocard and you live in London, you must apply using an application form at a London Post Office. If you do not live in London you can apply onlineOpens in new window icon.

How quickly will I receive the replacement Oyster photocard?
Your replacement card will be sent out within 3 working days.

I have moved house. Can I update my address details while ordering my child's replacement card?
Yes, you can give us a new address as part of the application process.

I want to order a replacement 16+ Oyster photocard and update my new address details. Will my child still be eligible to get free bus and tram travel?
To get a 16+ Oyster photocard, with free bus and tram travel your child needs to live in London borough and be in full time education. You can check if your new address is still within London, at

If your new address is outside London, your child will be issued with a 16+ Zip Oyster photocard that enables them to pay as you go and buy Travelcards at half the adult rate.

I have a non London Zip Oyster photocard and I need to order a replacement. Will it be sent to my home address?
If you live in the UK your replacement Zip Oyster photocard will be sent to your home address. If you live outside the UK you will need to collect the replacement Oyster photocard from a Travel Information Centre. You will need to give a collection date a minimum of 4 weeks from the date of application.

I want a new photo put on my child's replacement photocard. Can I upload this while ordering my duplicate card?
You can change your child's photo when ordering a new photocard using the Lost, Stolen, Damaged website.

What will happen to my child's lost, stolen, damaged or failed card?
When you report your childs' card as lost, stolen, damaged or failed, it will be stopped. If your child finds it again they won't be able to use it.

I am applying for a replacement for my child's Child or U14 Oyster photocard. Will my child be issued with a new 11-15 or 5-10 Oyster photocard?
The replacement card will be a 11-15 Zip Oyster photocard. During January, all U14 and Child Oyster photocard customers must apply for a replacement Zip Oyster photocard. From 6 February Child or U14 Oyster photocards won't be accepted. Opens in new window icon

My 18+ Student / 16+ Oyster photocard had a Travelcard / pay as you go on it. Will this be added to my replacement Oyster photocard?
Yes. In most instances we can issue a like for like Oyster photocard replacement.

I have previously applied but didn't get a 5-10 or 11-15 Zip Oyster photocard. Can I use the Lost, Stolen or Damaged website to get any Oyster photocard?
If you began an online application for an Oyster photocard, please log in and complete this. Once you have completed an application, we can issue an Oyster photocard.


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